collision of galaxies /2014, kinetic steel structures, porcelain, height 250 cm

The form of the installation is based on the meetings with Dr. Bruno Jungwiert from the Galaxies department at the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Dr. Bruno Jungwiert is an expert  on the dynamics and the evolution of galaxies. Our discussions brought me to a key theme of the exhibition, which is the collision of galaxies. The situation of the collision could be briefly described like this: After the collision galaxies will completely change their shape, mass distribution, gravitational relationships, the direction of rotation. They form one new galaxy. Considering the observer, the process can be viewed as though at two different times. When accelerating the process on a computer screen for 100 million years per second, it is a dramatic conflict. From the viewpoint of an earthly observer, it is a static affair. Nothing happens. In both cases, however, there will be no physical contact between the stars of the galaxies. It's devastating crash without touching.

My aim was to translate these principles into kinetic structure. Rotating arms with pieces of porcelain create variable system. There is one constellation in which each half of the porcelain meets its second part. Important role plays earthly observer, who is asked to get involved actively and becomes a driving force of the system. Without him, nothing happens. In the middle of flying porcelain he can experience constant thread of crash which will never happen.

"If we put a piece of saucer or pot mounted to the end of the rotatable structure into motion, we risk a real crash and also animate a model of the universe. Therefore there is a crash of not  only incommensurable formats, but also incommensurable time dimensions. The human time in which we are born, die, fall in love and hold deep hate is, in the context of "space-time" of a galactic collision, completely worthless. But maybe the opposite is also true, when a scientific version of the absolute crumbles under emotions, that may be put into a motion by a piece of rotating kitschy chinoiserie..." (Jan Zálešák)