planetary system /2013, yarn, steel axis, knitting aids, diamater of the biggest planet 110 cm /model of our solar system in scale. 8 planets are represented by 8 balls of yarn. Sun is represented by a steel axis. During the exhibition connection between each planet  and sun was built by knitting.

first woman /2013, wardrobe, sheet steel, 230 cm /the main character of the show is a woman, whom I met in the dressing room at the swimming pool. She had overweight and sitting naked in front of a metal wardrobe, ate fried cheese. Her body was like a spacesuit, which protected and restricted at the same time.

7 seconds /2013, acrystal, steel structure, 250 cm // Dušan Zahoranský My First Woman /2005-2013, video, 4 min 45 sec