2009, 1 min 55 s

The starting point is an acuteness of a situation known as a sudden noticing of something. It is based on a view from a window which can be understood as an encounter in this case. First there was an enchantment by a varied yet homogenous whole. However, after repeated viewing, the situation changes. The space behind the window which I experienced as an event, as an indivisible whole, became segmented into individual objects and various backgrounds. While the outlines of some of its parts became clearer, others were veiled in the fog. The scene disintegrated into blind fields and noticed places. Noticing something is a situation when the mind, dealing with a practical activity, forgets; it becomes attracted by something. It is a special way of encountering something, not unlike a strike. “What I can name cannot reallyprick me. ... The effect is certain but unlocatable, it does not find its sign, its name; it is sharp and yet lands in a vague zone of myself; it is acute yet muffl ed, it cries out in silence. Odd contradiction: a fl oating fl ash.“ (Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida, New York: Hill and Wang, 1981, p. 51–53). Punctum is not a quality of a photograph; punctum is a quality of looking. The way of expressing the punctum is one of the ways of art. The building of the parking place is a punctum of view. Parking Loop is an attempt at preserving the punctum. I have constructed a building the existence of which lies in being constructed. In the first stage, the approximately 150 cm high plywood construction has a fl at surface with a nstruction plan on top. While the base is dropping, it is revealing the onstruction. The video recording only shows a part of the object from the base up so that the real cause of the growth is not quite clear. The sinking of the surface is partially negated by the contrary movement of the camera. In the end, the construction grows out of the take. The projection of the video recording is situated on the wall just above the ground. Through the image, the object seems to grow out of a different territory, unfolding a folded world.