Two circles with a diameter of 2,8 m are clasping a prism with the height of 2 m within a 1 m range. In one side of the prism, a door is cut out, fi tting tightly to the gallery entrance door. The object looks like a giant wheel with a space inside. Upon entering the gallery, the visitor gets the wheel going merely by walking and by the weight of his body. The confrontation of the size and weight of the object with the force and weight of the visitor’s body results in a surprising lightness with which the object can be controlled. A single condition is to get rid of the reliance on visual orientation. The wheel makes exactly half a turn before its door gets to the level of the door to the next room. The visitor gets off the wheel and continues his tour of the gallery. In the end, nothing happens, he has only walked from door to door. Meanwhile, he experience of the event remains a personal secret.

2009, kinetic object, wood, MDF boards, 2,8 × 2,8 × 1 m