Riding my bicycle in Quebec, I have “encountered” a bridge; a beautiful construction. While I was riding across it, the construction seemed to change its form, folding like a windbag of an accordion and drawing the separate parts of land to each other. As soon as the two banks merged completely, I was able to cross the river. After that, the construction unfolded again, pushing the other bank away. The situation depicted above is not real from the physical point of view, however, it is not completely imaginary either. It is a description of an event. Only later did I realize that the experience of the folding bridge describes another, completely different event in my life. I have entitled the object with the words contained in this experience: Go Away. Come Back.

The object is 12 metres long and can move on a linear track on wheels. After a collision, it changes its form, folding the two opposite ends to each other. If the passenger wants to continue riding, he must change to the opposite end, now only one step away, and unfold the construction.

2009, video sculpture, 2 min 53 s