> memory as a new reality >

My interest is focused on perception; the way we look at the world around us and what we see of it. To what degree we can see what we are looking at. To what degree we only see what we have learned to see and how we learned to see it. If I was to describe the house I am passing on my way to work every day, would I do it on the basis of having seen it numberless times or on the basis of a rough notion of what a house looks like? The ability to distinguish cultural activation patterns enables us to get oriented in the world, to attribute various qualities to it, to understand it. However, it distances us relentlessly from the world at the same time. The understanding achieved through a system of patterns and schemes causes losing direct contact with the world. In my diploma thesis, I relate to a memory as to an event. I focus on how can experience influence physical form of the objects. Their shape in our memory is modified by the way how we have experienced them. This creates a parallel new reality. A series of objects, performances and videos has been created. By means of reconstruction, childhood memories became a specific case of perception.